Drive2arrive LHS

Our Services to You

Drive2arrive services are critical for businesses to ensure that their products reach their intended audience in a timely and efficient manner, and have a significant impact on your company's success.

We offer individual tailored transport solutions for businesses that rely on a supply chain to bring their products to market.

Our efficient distribution services, ensure products are not delayed, damaged, or lost, ensuring customer satisfaction and increased profitability.


Delivery Service 

Seamless and stress-free delivery service,

offering a complete solution from collection to delivery, We take care of the entire process, including picking up the goods, transporting them, and delivering them to their destination.

Fulfillment Services

Need someone to manage your customer orders? We can store your products, and process orders with our pick, pack, and shipping service


We can offer storage solutions for your products in a secure and controlled enviroemnt until they are ready for distribution


Book a driver and vehicle

We collect your goods & load up

Drive & Deliver to your destination

Provide you with a POD

Work Complete